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Making Progress – Slowly But Surely April 4, 2013

If you’ve been following along, you know that almost two weeks ago my husband and I closed on a new house. While the house is in decent condition, it still needs some updating and repair work, and we’ve slowly but surely been making progress on our to-do list.  As is the case with home ownership, you often feel like you’re sinking more and more money into the house every time you blink. Our house isn’t any different. Thankfully, out of everything we’ve had to take care of, we only had one minor blip in the radar screen (click here to see more about our adventures in gas appliances).

I’m really pleased with the progress we’ve been making.  Three of the rooms have been repainted (more rooms to come in the near future), new light fixtures have been installed, we’ve cleaned and cleaned, and yesterday we replaced the nasty, faded and spotted carpet in the great room. I’m REALLY excited about the new carpet. I’ve replaced windows in every home I’ve owned, but I’ve never had brand new flooring. Check out the before and after photos!  The light fixture in the dining area is courtesy of my fabulous dad; the great paint job, courtesy of my mom. Couldn’t ask for more awesome parents!

Before picture. Ugly brown carpet and no fixture.

Before picture. Ugly brown carpet and no fixture.

New carpet and light fixture.

New carpet and light fixture.

Now that the flooring is in we can start moving in the big stuff – beds, dressers, buffet, etc. The kids will be (hopefully) at their grandparents house this weekend, so we can surprise them with new bedroom makeovers when they get back. We’ve been moving the little stuff (boxes, toys, books, and more) every day – a little bit here and there will make a big difference come moving day this Saturday –Thank you God for beautiful Spring weather this weekend!

Once everything is moved, then the real work begins – trying to figure out where everything is going to go. Our house is lacking in major storage areas for big things like the Christmas tree, or the nice day bed that we don’t have room for but aren’t ready to give up yet. We’re looking forward to those challenges though… I feel a blog post on creative storage spaces coming up soon!


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