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Gas, Electric, Water, Oh My! March 21, 2013

Today was utility day. Before you move, you have to call all the utility companies and have the gas, electric, water, etc. all moved into your name (always good to do this at least 2 days before closing day, if not more). Historically, moving utilities has been a simple task Рcall the utility company, tell them you want the bill switched over and Voila! Instant resources!

Now, post 9-11 (I’m assuming, anyway), you have to provide your blood type, DNA sample, and an agreement to give your first-born up before you can switch anything over. While all of the companies I called were more than helpful, this gal was just a tad frustrated. Credit checks were run, deposits put into place, and emergency contacts given, we now have everything but Water ready for us when we close on Friday. Tomorrow, I have to run to the water company and drop off my application for water, a deposit, AND a fee just for them to set up a new account for me. I don’t recall ever having to fill out an application in order to get my water turned on in the past?? Is this normal?

Next step – call the trash, cable/internet, and phone company so we can cover the disposal and entertainment side of things.

Ah, the joys of a new home…

Aside from the utilities, my lovely husband and I visited a flooring company during our lunch break today to see what the possibility of getting replacement flooring for the great room would be. I was hoping and praying for a nice hardwood floor, but it looks like carpet is going to win out at 1/2 the price of new hardwood flooring…oh well.¬† We’re looking forward to new carpet though, this will be the first house we’ve put new flooring into. We’ve replaced windows in both houses (and I’m sure this house will be the same), but never flooring.

If you’re in the market for new floors, and you’re in the Louisville area, I highly recommend Bluegrass Floorcovering. They are a locally owned company, and they are great, no pressure people. We’re looking to buy carpet that’s currently in stock, so we’re saving a few pennies, but they seem to be very reasonably priced if you have to order flooring as well.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring…


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